Venice Teal & Gold Wedding Invitations

6th Oct 2023

Venice Teal & Gold Wedding Invitations

Venice Teal & Gold wedding invitations beautifully showcase a deep, rich teal color with a radiant gold baroque vignette and a practical wax seal. Your names, elegantly foil-stamped, grace the center of the vignette on the invitation's front cover. The wax seal adds an effortless and sophisticated closure to the invitation, allowing it to be easily opened and resealed without damage. This wedding card exudes regal charm, featuring a lustrous gold foil finish that sets it apart as a truly luxurious choice. Should you require extensive guest information, such as directions to the venue/church or details on local accommodations, you have the option to substitute the enclosed RSVP card with a set of stepwise inserts. To proceed with this replacement, please select the appropriate service below.

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Invitation Card Dimensions: 5.7 x 5.7 inches


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